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Off-plan in Dubai

Off plan property sales in Dubai's real estate market have become very common. The Government backed real estate regulatory bodies in Dubai have permitted these transactions that have become a favorite investment for investors who wish to get the best rewards from the Dubai property market. It might seem unconvincing for a first-time buyer to invest in an under-construction real estate project, but if it's closely evaluated, the opportunity is immense with guaranteed high ROI.Considering the immense growth of real estate industry in Dubai, the value post completion will be remarkably higher than the purchase price.
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A Guide to Buying a Property Off-Plan

Public Perception On Off Plan Properties

Off-plan buying has become increasingly more popular amongst property investors due to its vast benefits. The number of off-plan property transactions now surpasses the number of ready property transactions by a considerable percentage. Dubai Government and Real Estate Regulatory Authority have become more involved in the off-plan segment in the recent years to make sure that the investors are completely protected. With all these positives, it is hard to stay away from such a safe investment. Please take a look at the range of off-plan projects on our website. We have categorized the projects by developers, years of completion, and areas for your convenience. You can call, email or fill the form at the bottom of this page in order to get in touch with one of our property experts for a free consultation.

What is an Off Plan purchase?
  • An off plan real estate deal basically means the purchase of an uncompleted property. This deal is usually finalized before the construction commences with the investor required to commit to the deal by depositing the specified amount stated on the agreement that would only be a fraction of the actual value of the property.
  • There are currently many attractive off plan properties for sale in Dubai as a result of the large-scale development being undertaken in the region. Buying these off plan projects is done in simple steps. There is a wide range of options to choose from under the off plan purchase offers. Interested investors can choose apartments that include studios, or bigger family apartments and villas.
  • The real estate market in Dubai is still positively advancing; it remains the best bet for any real estate investor due to the high level of security and the promise of a continuous increasing market value of properties within Dubai. With EXPO2020 just around the corner, investors feel very comfortable buying up real estate in Dubai with many experts estimating an average increase in prices of 15% per annum leading to the exhibition.
  • Dubai provides the business environment for real estate to thrive. The off-plan property investments give investors the chance to purchase the uncompleted property at a highly discounted value lower than the selling price when it would be completed. Investors have smartly adopted this buying method as the preferred method of real estate investment in Dubai.
  • Real estate investors who plan to sell off the property once completed will scout for the best off-plan deals in the entire Dubai region. Many considerations are made before the purchase is made. The location of the property can determine just how much more the investor can sell off when it is completed.
  • The commitment requirement from investors is usually a deposit of between 5% and 15% of the actual value of the property when making an off-plan purchase. The rest of the payments are either linked with the construction status of the project or paid upon the completion of the project. These payment methods are designed for affordability and convenience of the off-plan investors. Financing options are also available for off-plan purchases with many UAE and international banks providing mortgages even during the construction phase.
  • One of the main advantages of buying an off-plan property is the opportunity the buyers have to choose the property that best suits their needs, and falls within their budget. This is a privilege that would not be applicable when looking at completed homes for sale in the market. When choosing a ready property, options are very limited with most of the options not being available immediately after the purchase due to having an existing tenant. Tenants are very difficult to get rid of in Dubai due to the laws of Dubai favoring the tenants largely.
  • The current market activities also permit off-plan properties to be resold after initially being bought by investors. This allows the initial investor to make a good profit on their investment (fraction of the actual value of the property) before project being completed and handed over. Transferring the contract to the new buyer will be done in accordance with the regulations stated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai.
Are there any disadvantages in buying off-plan properties?

Off-plan property deals have only benefits and very little risks for all the parties involved. Any payments towards an off-plan property are made to an authorized government escrow account that is only monitored and accessible by the government. This way, an investor will be sure that the funds will not be released to the developer until the investor is satisfied with the property upon completion of the project. All off-plan project developers have an obligation to deliver the property to the investor on the specified completion date and no later. Smart investors can avoid bad off-plan purchases by doing business with reputable developers who have made a name in this field and have a wealth of experience and track record. These reputable developers only build projects that have the best location, quality of finishes and possible appreciation of capital for the investors. We will help you identify these reputable developers and developments for free of charge.