Dubai Marina

Studio one

AED AED 961,000 | Apartment

Dubai Marina

Marina Gate I Residences

AED AED 2,396,000 | Apartment

Dubai Marina

Marina Gate 2 Residences

AED AED 1,541,000 | Apartment

Properties by Select Group

"Select group" is a leading GCC real Estate developer. In just twelve years of existence, it has grown to become one of the largest private developers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At select group, clients are dealt with in a professional way, to organize and manage solutions. No doubt, the aim of investments is maximum returns. Customers and prospective customers can trust their highly trained staff to execute and deliver projects which will generate maximum ROI, in line with global best practices in the real estate industry.

With award-wining real estate development projects in the GCC and Europe, "Select Group" emphasize quality. They are credible and trustworthy. Thus their clients are guaranteed to have an exceptional experience as they take advantage of their commercial, hospitality and mixed-up projects.

One of such high-quality projects executed by Select Group is "Studio One," located in the center of west-end Dubai Marina, in the United Arab Emirates.

Since 2002, Select Group, led by its CEO Rahail Aslam has delivered thousands of homes and about 5.5 million square feet of real estate development projects to over 5300 clients from over 62 countries. Currently, over 7 million square feet of projects is at various development stages. In the heat of the global economic melt-down, the group, through strategic and exhaustive financial planning of assets, delivered 3000 fully completed properties to her clients. They are currently seeking to expand their reach by developing more projects locally and internationally.

Select Group leverages on long-standing relationships as they carry out projects. They are experts in development, redevelopment, and regeneration, and are focused on a value investing approach.

They provide unequaled results because they work with the best hands in the industry either as partners, Suppliers or employees.