Buying ready property in Dubai:

Always conduct your due-diligence before you a ready property in Dubai

Property maintenance and upgrades

It is important to understand if the property has been regularly maintained and any major upgrades that have been made

If there is an existing tenant in the property it is important to understand the tenancy contract and the exact vacating details

It is important to consider if the buyer is paying cash or applying for a mortgage, or whether the seller has an existing mortgage on the property

If the property is already mortgaged, the buyer needs to be able to discharge the seller’s mortgage before collecting the title deed at the land department

Connectivity and other facilities

Areas linked with good transport links, have higher rental potential.

Proximity to restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, grocery shops, utility centres, schools, medical facilities, beach and parks should be taken into consideration before you make your purchase.

Costs and service charge

Beyond the purchase price, experts say other areas where costs could be incurred during the buying process include:

Purchase price

Transfer fee

Transfer appointment fee

Transfer appointment admin fee

Agency professional fee

Mortgage registration fee

Mortgage registration admin fee (if purchasing with a mortgage)

Conveyance fee


Bank fees


A recurring cost like a service charge should be ascertained early on, as it can greatly impact the total cost of ownership of a property.