Government Stimulus Programs that is benefiting the UAE Real Estate Market

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The U.A.E. government has introduced policy changes that are creating unprecedented opportunities for expat property investors. Some of them are aimed to help expats to be more deeply involved in the long-term economic growth of the country.

The policy changes are related to foreign business ownership, visa regulations and curbing the cost of living.

Looking into the future, this kind of investment will increase the economy’s capacity which will satisfy an increased level of demand, attract labour, fuel population growth and contribute to a broadening of Dubai’s economic base.

  • Residency visas for investors in Dubai: Government has granted long-term residency visas to Investors, entrepreneurs and executives. Read to find out more.
  • Foreign ownership: A new law which was introduced in 2018, allows 100 percent ownership of non-free zone businesses by foreign investors.
  • The World Expo 2020: Millions from around the world will be congregating in Dubai in 2020 to share ideas and innovative aspirations. The emirate will be in the global spotlight, the effect of which will be continued to be seen for many years to come.
  • Reduced Market Fees: The government has proposed to scrap aviation, municipality and other “market fees” in order to attract more foreign investment which will cut the cost of conducting business in the UAE.
  • Mortgage law: The proposed changes to Dubai’s mortgage regulations is expected to have a big impact on foreign investors, corporates and real estate investment trusts (REITs), which have had limited exposure to the UAE market compared with other international markets. These fiscal stimulus programs should help U.A.E.’s real estate industry. The impact will not be immediate but a gradual one.