Ingredients for selling luxury real estate = Right buyer, right price, good timing and know-how to sell luxury. Your home is both a financial and emotional investment. Selling it is one of the most important decisions you will make. Leverage 15+ years of our real estate experience to take a wise and profitable selling decision.

Pricing a luxury home is challenging, due to the unique features it tends to have. Measuring each property’s worth by comparing it with similar homes in the market, selling it in a timely manner and for a good price - these are skills we have to offer. We help attract, engage and nurture the right buyer that resonates with the location, the lifestyle and the distinctive features of your home.

Why choose Mi Casa


We have been present in Dubai’s real estate market since 2004 negotiating property deals on behalf of our clients.


Our property experts have deep and extensive understanding of Dubai’s real estate market cycles, price trends, laws and regulations. Consulting with us will save you a lot of time and money.


We are committed to deliver the highest level of customer service to our valued clients.


We are one of the leading property brokerage firms in Dubai UAE.


We have served to investors from more than 75 countries including China, USA, India, Russia, England, Iran, Canada, South Africa, Australia, GCC countries and many others.


With years of experience behind us, we have developed relationships with high profile contacts in the field. Real estate transactions often face challenges and it is crucial for a brokerage firm to be able to navigate through them. We utilize our contacts to their full potential.

Marketing Capabilities

We market our listings on local and international property portals to reach more people.

Complete Solutions

We assist our clients in buying, selling, renting and property management across Dubai. All you need to do is to hand over the keys of your properties to us and we will take care of renting, servicing, maintaining your properties and depositing your rental income in your bank account. We also manage off-plan portfolios to keep updated with the payment plans and construction progress and send due payment notices to our clients.


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