How to open a bank account in Dubai

Documents required

You will need below documents before you meet your banker to open your account:

Original Passport along with few copies and extra passport pictures

A letter of no-objection from either your sponsor or employer

You might also need the below documents depending on the bank:

A copy of your visa, if you have a resident visa

A document showing your employer’s name and the amount of your salary

An Emirates ID card, or a copy of the application that was submitted by you

A valid proof of address document such as a recent utility payment receipt or a signed rental contract to confirm your address

A letter of recommendation from another bank (from your home country)

Can a non-resident open a bank account in UAE?

To open a bank account anywhere in the UAE, you need to be physically present to sign your application and other documents in front of a bank officer.

If you bank with an international bank like HSBC or Citibank, which has branches in Dubai, you should be able to open an account from your local branch.

You can also employ a financial advisor who will act as your representative in Dubai, which may allow you to open an account remotely.

Some factors to consider when choosing a bank in Dubai are:

Choosing the same bank as your employer may facilitate more efficient direct deposits

Proximity of ATMs to your office or home

Availability and ease of online banking and apps

Minimum balance requirements. Because offshore banking is done in Dubai by investors with lots of money, some banks have established hefty minimums and steep fees to go with them when you don’t maintain your balance