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With fourteen years of Dubai real estate experience, Mi Casa Real Estate Brokers has proven success in providing clients with premier customer service, reliability, and efficiency. As one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the UAE, we have sophisticated residential brokers specializing in all of Dubai’s localities. Additionally, Mi Casa has experts in the technical fields of commercial building sales, plots sales and land developments, consolidations, conveyancing, joint ventures, and complex transfers. If you chose to engage Mi Casa, we can guarantee you that you will receive the finest customer-focused, transparent, and productive real estate services.

Why you should choose us

Our honest, efficient, and customer-focused brokers will ensure you obtain the property best suited for your needs.
Our specialized administrative staff will ensure a seamless behind-the-scenes real estate transaction.
Our dedicated and highly experienced management team spends time each day teaching our brokers and honing their skills.


Yes, foreigners can purchase real estate in many areas of the UAE
The real estate market in Dubai is highly regulated by several governmental entities. These entities include RERA, the Dubai Land Department (DLD), and several other players.
RERA stands for “Real Estate Regulatory Authority.” This is the government agency that licenses all real estate brokers, agencies, developers, and regulates all of Dubai’s real estate activities.
Ejari is a division of RERA that assists tenants and landlords in rent based transactions. It also provides regulatory aid during tenancy disputes.
Yes, every individual working as a broker of property in Dubai requires individual registration with RERA and is issued a photo identification card with a licensed number. All agents are required to take and pass a RERA course and exam. If you pass the exam, you are provided with a RERA card that must be renewed every year.
No, the UAE is a tax-free country and there are no property duties.
The Dubai Land Department charges a one-time 4% transfer fee for all real estate purchases. Additionally, many developers charge a fee for providing a No Objection Certificate, which starts at 500 Dirhams and is limited by law at 5,000 Dirhams.
A freehold property is purchasable by anyone for an infinite amount of time.
A leasehold property is a property that can be purchased for a fixed amount of time. The leasehold can range from 25 to over 200 years.
An “off-plan” property is real estate that is scheduled for completion but is not yet ready for use.
A GCC area property is a piece of real estate that is only purchasable by legal citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council member states.